Inspiring Workplaces for an inspiring workplace

Here at Industry Lighting, we strive to create an efficient and effective office space using the very latest in energy-efficient LED lighting technology. We consult with you at every stage to ensure the lighting plan we design has a positive impact on your workspace as well as employee behaviour and performance. Our experts go above and beyond in helping you to harness the power of LED technology.

Operational Optimisation

You can save up to 80% by switching your lighting to LED technology

Our solutions are adaptable and flexible

With a range of tailored and bespoke solutions, we can offer the perfect solution for your space.

Improved Performance

We can tailor your lighting to deliver visual and emotional comforts

We strive to create an inspiring and healthy workplace

LED Technology can be tailored to specific tasks and looks visually comfortable

Employee Wellbeing

Natural light has significant benefits for employee well-being

A healthy workspace that we help to create means attracting and retaining the best employees

Tunable lighting solutions provide the right light at the exact right time